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The town with 2020 Vision is the perfect site for your business! Along with being strategically planned and supported, there are many other good reasons why Mallow is the key location for your business.

Strategic Location


  • Mallow is the ‘Crossroads of Munster’, a key location in centre of the region on the N20 Atlantic Corridor.

  • 25 minutes from Cork and 45 minutes from Limerick on national road network.

  • Excellent connectivity to gateway cities of Cork, Limerick and Dublin.

  • 1 hour and 45 minutes to Dublin on daily hourly train service provided by Irish Rail.

  • 24 minutes to Cork on daily hourly train service.

  • 40 minutes to Cork International Airport.

  • Daily bus services to Cork, Limerick, Shannon Airport, Galway and Dublin.

  • Mallow has high speed broadband, with many operators providing a service in the locality. 

  • Cork County Council’s Department of Corporate, Community, and Economic Development are currently advancing proposals for a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) in Mallow. MAN’s are next generation fibre optic networks, and are designed to facilitate the provision of high end broadband services.

  • Mallow is also excellently located on the various national telecommunications back haul networks, with companies such as Eir, BT Ireland, & ESB Telecoms, providing connectivity.


Dynamic & Progressive Town


  • Mallow is County Cork’s largest town and the capital of North Cork.

  • Mallow has been prioritized nationally for development due to its proactive, cohesive and forward thinking community.

  • Mallow has a growing availability of employment location offerings for: Enterprise/Business Services/Innovative Technology (over 100ha), Logistics/Distribution/Warehousing/Small Scale Opportunity (107ha), Industrial Estate (15ha), Large Stand Alone Industry (39.6ha) and Commercial Business opportunities.

  • Mallow has a range of projects at varying development stages. Please visit the Mallow Development Partnership section.

  • Mallow has a strong and expanding retail offering with the second highest retail spending level in Cork County, second only to Cork City.

  • Mallow Special Local Area Plan provides for population growth up to 30,000 beyond 2020 with zoned enterprise land to support an employment base of up to 10,000.


Skills Availability


  • Mallow is within half an hour distance to the Cork and 1 hour distance to the Limerick Universities and Colleges.

  • Mallow Hub can offer a skill pool of 74,000 3rd level graduates within a 30-45min commute from the following educational institutions: University College Cork, Cork Institute of Technology, University of Limerick, and Limerick Institute of Technology.

  • Mallow Hub offers an opportunity to tap into an existing labour force pool of 180,000 within a 40km (20 mins) radius and over 300,000 within 60km (45mins) radius.

  • Mallow offers a wide range of supports to business on skills, training and mentoring from organizations including Mallow College of Further Education, FAS, and Local Enterprise Office.


Emerging Technologies & Innovation


  • Mallow believes that its economic future will increasingly depend on emerging technologies. Recognising that, Mallow now has a special focus on the role new and emerging technologies can play in attracting new investment and making its existing enterprises more innovative and efficient.  

  • Cork Institute of Technology, has designated Mallow as a principal off-campus site for an ambitious innovation programme on convergent applications led by the Institute’s Nimbus Centre. Nimbus is focused upon delivering high-impact product and service solutions with Irish-based industry by creating and leveraging innovation in the areas of energy management, wireless systems, sensor networks and smart user interfaces. A key part of what Nimbus does is to develop new business opportunities by applying technology effectively within previously traditional sectors. 

  • The potential for Mallow to build on this engagement with CIT is immense. Following discussions with Cork Institute of Technology, the Institute is disposed to immediately intensify its connection with Mallow to the point where its innovation and business incubation programmes help the town to become a major regional enterprise hub. Both Cork Institute of Technology and Mallow are committed to building an ‘innovation network’ across the local communities in Munster and to delivering specific, appropriate innovation supports to Cork City with a view to raising the international innovation profile of the entire region.

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