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Biggest Ever Mallow S.T.E.M. Fair

Munster Maths and Science Family Fair 2019

The Chairman of the organising committee for the Munster Maths & Science Family Fair 2019 has announced the greatest number of participants to date in the fair’s nine year history. Mr Tom Cronin of Mallow Development Partnership has declared that with over 50 exhibitors now confirmed to participate, he expects this year's fair to be the biggest and most exciting yet. He was also pleased to announce that, as with previous years, the fair would once again be free entry to the public.

Created in 2010, this pioneering exhibition is now one of the highlights of the calendar year by attracting circa 5,000 fun-loving attendees of all ages and it is growing year on year.

With over FIFTY exhibits the wide range of INTERACTIVE displays include robotics, 3D visuals and simulations, gaming platforms, communications technology, microscopic exploration and even a ‘planetarium experience to visit the stars’ amongst many more fun and educational demonstrations at the HUGE Mallow GAA Sports Complex.

A team of fun enthusiasts are also on site to take you through messy experiments and interesting demonstrations of science which are shown through simple but amusing games such as tug-of-war, giant windbags, musical straws, windmills and many more enjoyable techniques!

Selected exhibitors include national and global industry giants, mixing with renowned research & third level institutions, all showcasing their latest STEM wares alongside local pupils from North Cork schools who display their own imaginative and creative projects.

Event Coordinator Mr Freddie Frankling has confirmed the participation of past favourites such as Blackrock Castle’s portable planetarium which is always a huge hit, as well as the Physics Busking Team who provide great entertainment and fun throughout the day. He also advises us of some exciting new entries this year which include the TrackMan Golf Analyser and may be useful to those looking to improve their game!

Both entertaining and educational, the fair’s key aim is to increase awareness of the amazing and wonderful Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) that surrounds our everyday living, work and recreational activities.

Also, through meeting the professionals at this delightfully fun event, people are encouraged to embrace the core STEM subjects which can be pathways to stimulating and rewarding careers.

It’s free and it’s fun for all ages... so don’t miss it!

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Date: Sunday October 13th

Venue: Mallow GAA Sports Complex

Time: 11.30am to 4.30pm

Initiated and organised by Mallow Development Partnership, the Munster Maths and Science Family Fair is a non-profit event sponsored by Cork County Council’s Economic Development Fund and supported by the Irish American Partnership and Mallow Credit Union.

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