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Munster Maths and Science Family Fair - Coming Soon!

Munster Maths & Science Family Fair 2022, Coming soon!

October 16th is the date of the 2022 Munster Maths and Science Family Fair at Mallow GAA Sports Complex. It’s free to visit the event which is open from 11 AM to 4 PM

The aim of the Maths and Science Fair is to showcase the ‘fun side’ of Maths and science by showcasing wonderful everyday examples of how Maths and Science impacts on our everyday lives. The event also provides students with the opportunity to meet with professionals who can offer career advice. With more than 50 exhibitors there is lots to see and do. Highlights include:

The wonders of the night sky in the Blackrock Castle Observatory Stardome. Marvel at the moon, see Saturn as never before, and explore space travel.

The Maths Week Pavilion with a team of International Performers with a range of interactive games and maths puzzles for all ages.

The Nutty Scientists exhibit which always awakens the imagination of children through fun interactive and hands-on scientific activities.

And the always amazing Physics Buskers who as Paul Nugent stated "We are so delighted to be back!!! Be amazed by demonstrations of Archimedes Law of Forces shown through tug of war, Bernoulli’s Law for Fluid Flow with giant windbags, Faraday’s Law of Induction shown with a simple motor, a vortex blower, musical straws, windmills, rockets, and much, much more! Take a few minutes and you can even make a simple musical instrument to take home. We aim to entertain. Audience participation is essential!”

This year also includes a programme of outdoor Experiments, Cloud Observation activities and Drone Flying Demonstrations.

Business and industry as well as research and third level institutes along with primary and secondary schools, will showcase a wide array of engaging and interactive experiments, demonstrations and displays for all ages to enjoy at this free event. More details on our exhibitors and the outdoor schedule will soon be posted on the Facebook @munstermathsandscience


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